904,000 children can’t access online learning, but there are 14,000,000 spare laptops sitting in British homes.

If just one in every fourteen unused laptops were donated, every child in the uk would have the tools they need to learn.

Even before the pandemic, this digital divide had a major impact on children’s academic ability. A child who owns a laptop is more than twice as likely to achieve 5 A*-C GCSEs. This isn’t about tech, it’s about giving kids an education and a fair chance in life.


Please Help us end laptop poverty.

End Laptop Poverty is a project dedicated to raising awareness of the digital divide, campaigning for donations of unused laptops and supporting local charities distributing laptops to young people in need.

Find it.

Wipe it.

Donate it.

Hardware requirements

Do you have a laptop that could find a new home?

Laptops should be in good working order with no major hardware damage. If you still have the charger remember to include it. Cosmetic damage from pre-love such as scratches, scuffs and external screen issues are accepted with gratitude.


Meet the following specifications:
Minimal dual core processor or higher
Minimum 2GB of RAM
2010 or newer


Meet the following specifications:
Minimal quad core processor or higher 1.3 GHz
Minimum 2GB of RAM
2012 or newer

Donation partners

We can’t end laptop poverty on our own.

Our partners will receive your donated laptop, securely wipe it, repair any damage and allocate it to a school or young person in need. Please use the list below to find a charity that best suits your donation.

Little Lives UK


  • Laptops and tablets no older than from 2010.
  • Free collection service in the London area.
  • Free postage information here.
North Wales Recycle IT CIC

North Wales

Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP)


  • No MacBooks or tablets accepted.
  • Laptops no older than from 2010.
  • Birmingham drop off service.
  • Collection via courier prepaid.
Level Up


  • Must have Windows 7, 8 or 10 (no Macs).
  • Laptops no older than from 2010.
  • Drop off in Surrey area.
  • Contact for postage information.
Ready Tech Go


  • Accepts laptops or tablets.
  • Also accepts dongles.
  • Drop off or collection in West London area.
  • View donation form here.
Keep Kids Connected

Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston

  • Less than 8 years old only.
  • Drop off or collection in South West London area.
  • View donation forms based on location here.
Budding Engineers

Scottish Highlands

  • Drop off or collection in Scottish Highlands area.
  • Contact via Facebook, Email or phone.

Cardiff, Wales

  • 2010 or older (Macbooks accepted too)
  • Working keyboard and screen
  • To donate, fill in the form on their website
Bridge The Gap

Hackney, London

  • Devices no older than 2013
  • To donate, fill in the form on their website

Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Devices must be in working order & with a charger
  • No older than 10 years old
  • Any device accepted that can connect to WiFi
  • To donate, email the team.

Other projects

If your laptop or device doesn’t meet the requirements of any of our charity partners, please check here to see if there is an alternative. Or consider supporting through other means by getting in contact.

Who we are

The project is a collaboration between Revolt London and Department for Opportunities, with a range of local charities and projects across the UK.

Revolt London

Revolt is an independent purpose consultancy branding the change we need to see in the world, using creativity to change lives. Working with corporate clients we create initiatives like this to make a difference.

Department For Opportunities

Department for Opportunities is The Social Mobility Foundation’s campaigning group mobilising a coalition of the willing. We work with employers, charities, councils, schools and universities to take action to improve social mobility in the UK.

Get in touch

Do you work for a business with old laptops and want to change lives?